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Our goal is to assist every student and every school within the Princeton School District.  We work hard to raise the needed funds to help narrow the gap between what the school district is able to provide through it's annual budget and what is actually needed.  The need is considerable and so the amount of funds we need to raise every year is considerable as well.


We have partnered with the Omega Financial Group in order to not only maximize the funds we currently have but to help create new ways for that money to grow.  They help us to accept a wide range of donations such as stock, bonds, bequeathed funds and more.




Checks can be mailed to:





Contact us directly if you are interested in making donations of stocks, bonds or should you wish to get information about how to include the Princeton Education Foundation in to your will.



If you would like to donate towards either one of the scholarship opportunities we offer, please click below!






This provides a place for the donors to connect directly with classroom needs. Princeton School District teachers use Apples for Education to request specific items and materials for their school or classroom.  Our "Apples" are ready for picking every year at the Gala and attendees can choose as many "Apples" as you would like to purchase.  Your (tax deductible) donation is then given directly to the Princeton Education Foundation where we take that money and purchase the items on the "Apple".  Once we get the products in, we give them to the respective school(s) in your name.  (You can choose to stay anonymous if you wish.)

We work closely with each school building as well as the Princeton School Administration to ensure all buildings ask for needed items and to help make sure those items get funded.  It's a very rewarding program and typically the "Apples" are picked off the trees very quickly!  Occasionally however, a few "Apples" don't get funded at the Gala and we will have them available at various functions throughout the year.  Unlike real apples, our Apples never go bad as their need is very real, so the schools appreciate them all year long!

Apples for Education Tree


Designate the Princeton Education Foundation as your chosen charitable organization for your Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card, and Kroger will donate a percentage of your Kroger purchases to the Princeton Education Foundation.

Kroger Plus Shopper’s Cards are available at all Kroger locations.

Registering your Kroger’s Plus Card online takes just a couple of minutes.

  1. Visit the Kroger website at: Kroger Community Rewards
  2. Sign into your account or create an account.
  3. After you have created and activated your account, you will be prompted to find your organization. Enter the organization number HT746 for the Princeton Education Foundation.
  4. Click Enroll.
  5. When you make Kroger purchases, Princeton Education Foundation will receive a donation from Kroger based on your purchases!
  6. You may select only one organization as your chosen charity, however, you may change that organization at any time.

Thank you for supporting the students of the Princeton City School District through the Princeton Education Foundation and our Kroger partners. Your helping hand enriches our students’ future.



Be sure to link your Amazon Smile account to benefit the Princeton Education Foundation. That way, when you do your regular shopping, Amazon will donate a small percentage to us on select items.  Amazon Smile is now available on through their app as well!