Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Foundation Fund do? The Foundation's mission is to stand in the gap between what the Princeton City School District receives in revenue and what it needs to maintain the Princeton Advantage, with concentration in curriculum and classroom areas.

Where are we located? The Foundation's office is located at 3900 Cottingham Dr. Sharonville, Ohio 45241. This is also known as PAC. (Princeton Administration Center)

Who do we serve? The Foundation serves the students K-12 at the Princeton City School District.

Who can apply for a grant? Anyone can apply for a grant. The Foundation will more strongly consider grant proposals with emphasis on classroom and curriculum needs for the students in the Princeton City School District.

How do I nominate a Distinguished alum? Nomination forms are posted on the website located on the Resources page and on social media several months on advance of the Distinguished Alumni Banquet. You may send the completed form or additional questions can be directed to

How is the Foundation Funded? The Foundation is funded 100% by donations from parents, alumni, local businesses, and various friends of Princeton throughout the calendar year. We also receive donations through our various events, particularly the Princeton Pride Gala held annually in the month of February.

Does the Foundation receive District funds? The Foundation does not receive direct funds from the Princeton City School District.

Does the Foundation receive State funding? The Foundation does not receive funding from the State of Ohio.

How can I help or donate? There are many ways to help the Foundation. Each person connected with Princeton has one of three things they can offer. Their, time, their talent, or their treasure. Some people choose to offer more than one; some can offer all three. If you are inclined to help the Foundation by giving your time and/or talent, please email If you would like to donate your treasure, you can click here. For question related to larger donations, you may email or You may also keep us in mind as you are estate planning or developing your will.