Distinguished Alumni Nominations

July 4, 2020

PEF Is Accepting Distinguished Alumni Nominations

If you would like to nominate a worthy Viking as a Distinguished Alumni or if there is a truly special Friend of Princeton, please nominate them today!  We will be collecting names throughout July & August in order to recognize them in the fall. The nomination form can be located by CLICKING HERE.

"Distinguished Alumni" are this that have done amazing things in their loves and truly represented Princeton well.  Princeton gives so much to their graduates and its now time to recognize those who have taken those skills and are giving back to others.

"Friends of Princeton" are special people who are not necessarily a Princeton graduate, who however still make incredible contributions to Princeton in order to help fulfill it's mission.  These contributions can be time, materials, skills or other attributes that help make Princeton special.

"Emeritus" awards are given to staff and administrators of Princeton who have made a special impact in the loves of our graduates.  Many of our recipients are deceased and we award this designation posthumously, but we feel its important to recognize their efforts nonetheless.