Hellos & Goodbyes

January 6, 2020

The Foundation Welcomes New Trustees!

As with any good organization, change is inevitable and the same goes for the PEF.  At the close of 2019, we will say goodbye (kind of) to some Trustees and welcome aboard some new Trustees.  We'd like to welcome the following new Trustees:

Melissa McCoy, Laverne Mitchel, Sarah Oliver, Sharla Ponder & Kiana Trabue.

Those that will be leaving the PEF are: 

Tracey Artis, Shayok Dutta, Anna Johnson, Beth McDaniel, Cindy Taylor & Mike Wilson.

We say that they're "kind of" leaving because they will be mentoring our new Trustees for the next couple of months in order to get them up to speed.  The dedication shown by these Trustees has been inspirational and the impact they have made will leave a lasting impression on the PEF for decades to come.

The PEF is very excited to have new Trustees coming on board and we look forward to continuing the great things we are known for!