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Foundation Trustees 

Jon Simons - President

What do you think makes Princeton special?  Princeton’s academic and social offerings give students from any background at any achievement level preparation to be successful and productive in their post high school life. The 21st century challenges of a global economy begin with a solid education. Princeton students receive that solid education, and as a competitive bonus, it is acquired while interacting with fellow students who collectively speak over 30 different languages as their first language. Additionally, for high achievers, Princeton offers the globally recognized International Baccalaureate program.
Princeton also offers a Music Program, both vocal and instrumental, that has been state or nationally recognized since its inception. Whether performing in competitions or in the new state of the art Mathews Auditorium, the Viking music program is top notch.
Athletics remain a cornerstone of what makes Princeton special. The Viking athletic program is flexible, diverse and competitive. State Championships have been achieved in numerous sports for both females and males.

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  For the vast majority of Princeton’s existence, the district had sufficient funds to meet the needs of its existing student population. There were always situations where students or classrooms needed assistance to cover a gap in funding for an educational opportunity, and these infrequent occurrences were covered via private donations. However, the funding model for public schools today and for the foreseeable future has severely cut into Princeton’s ability to fund classes and activities at the level most of the alumni enjoyed while attending Princeton. The Princeton Education Foundation will grow to fill the gap between the funding received and the funding needed to maintain the “Princeton Advantage” in education. The trustees of the foundation will work toward that most worthy goal.

Anna Johnson - Vice-President
Class of '88

What do you think makes Princeton special?  The diversity and the opportunities presented to the students will help prepare them for their future.

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  I owe a lot to the education I received at Princeton for where I am today.  My experience with Princeton's diversity has positively affected my ability to work with many different types of people.

Elizabeth McDaniel - Treasurer
Class of '82

What do you think makes Princeton special?  Princeton's history is what makes it special.  True friendships started in the halls of Princeton still continue for many alumni.

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  I wanted to become a Trustee because I want to keep Princeton Pride alive for future students, including my own 4 kids!

Susan Wyder - Secretary

What do you think makes Princeton Special?  I have seen Princeton from the perspective of a resident, a parent, the wife of a Board member, a teacher, a volunteer, and currently as a Board member, and I believe that the people are what makes Princeton special -- students, parents, administrators, teachers, alumni -- no matter the category -- the whole is greater than the sum of the parts! The love and passion that everyone has for this district is unparalleled! There is no place else like Princeton!


Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  I have lived in the district forty-five years, had four children go completely through Princeton Schools, and taught in the district for thirty-one years. When I retired in 2011, I knew that Princeton had been so good to me family and me, that I wanted to do something in return, so I decided to run for the Board. My signs said, “Giving back to Princeton.” I was fortunate enough to have been elected, and I have worked hard to keep my promise.   I have established and run the Princeton Closet which serves our students in need of clothing, coats, shoes, and school supplies. This August alone approximately 300 were assisted with back to school needs. I serve as the Board liaison to the Viking School Based Health Center as well.

Tracey Farley-Artis - President of the Alumni Assoc. 
Class of '83,

What do you think makes Princeton special?  The diversity of students, families and communities have made this district special for me.  I am a fourth generation Viking. My mother was in the first graduating class in 1959 and I graduated in 1983.  I served as my class president and continued to serve and give back to a district that helped to shape and mold me as a student and as a person.  I am forever grateful for the unique experiences I had while at Princeton and the opportunities that I am still afforded today to give back and to witness the pride of Princeton.


Why did you wish to be a trustee?  When asked by our former superintendent Dr. Gary Pack I agreed because the vision he shared for the foundation aligned with my goals as an alumnus to give back to our district.  The vision also clearly was a vehicle to give back to our students and that excited me as I have a passion for youth.


Shayok Dutta - Communications Chair
Class of '07

What do you think makes Princeton special?  Princeton is special due to the diverse people that are part of the entire Princeton community. The people include: the students, staff, and families that have ever gone to Princeton, participated in activities, worked in any of our buildings, and/or supported the school district in any form. Without the people, there wouldn't ever be the "Princeton Advantage." The notion of "Princeton Pride" wouldn't be there as well. Our school system has a wide range of demographics, curriculum, and support system that prepares us all for the real world challenges that many of us face outside of the classroom. The students, teachers, parents, and anyone at Princeton can get a well rounded education by being active in our school system.  One of the most rewarding aspects of serving on the Foundation is interacting with the different people inside of the Princeton community which encompasses people well beyond the realms of our school district. I always learn a lot from  working with others and continue to believe in making a difference in the school system that I have enjoyed participating in since I first entered during elementary school.

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  I'm a trustee to serve the very school district where I spent a majority of my childhood, teenage years, and life at, as I still live in the district. Princeton has helped shape the person I am today, and my life long desire of becoming more educated started with the amazing opportunities that Princeton. I sincerely enjoy philanthropic work, thus the Foundation has given me an opportunity to continue giving back to the Princeton community. As a trustee, I can utilize some of my own talents and find ways to channel my energy into a very happening school district where our students will benefit either today or tomorrow from our efforts on the Foundation.

Dr. Thomas Tucker, Princeton Superintendent

What do you think makes Princeton special?

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?

Mike Wilson - Assistant Principal

What do you think makes Princeton special?  Without question, it is the people. I have lived my professional life in the halls of Princeton Schools. The relationships that I’ve made with students, parents, staff members, and the citizens of the Princeton Communities have woven themselves into the tapestry of my soul. I’ve had the great pleasure of watching the Sons and Daughters of Princeton grow up for over twenty years. My own children have grown up as Vikings and my wife has given freely of her time and talent every step along my journey. When my time here is done the Sons and Daughters of Princeton will be the messages that I send to the future. They have been my life’s work; they have been my great blessing.


Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  It’s because Princeton is my school, by choice. I never attended Princeton Schools, but when Laurie and I moved here from Lexington over 20 years ago we chose Princeton as the school that our children would attend. We bought our house in Sharonville with a clear vision to raise our children in Sharonville and educate them in the Princeton City School District.  If we could do it over, we wouldn’t change a thing. I feel a closer connection to Princeton than I ever felt to my own high school. Hail Vikings!

Paul Culter,
Father of 4 Princeton students

What do you think makes Princeton special?  Diversity is what makes the Princeton City School District special – it is real world.  An education with the Princeton City Schools means that your child is functioning in a learning environment that blends families from all races, religions and income levels.  This diversity makes for a better student, preparing them to meet the challenges in life after graduation.

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  Being a Trustee provides me with an opportunity to work with other like-minded individuals who care about the children of the District by providing them with the financial means to participate in activities otherwise not affordable to their families.  It also allows me to work with other Trustees to build a better awareness of the successes of the District at functions and events and to businesses within the District in a positive manner.

Ed Cunningham - Corp. Relations

Class of '89

What do you think makes Princeton special?  It’s easy to point to the tangibles.  To name a few, the International Baccalaureate program, a music program that is highly regarded regionally, unmatched diversity with over 30 different languages being spoken by the students in our schools, all located in a community which clearly supports public education.  It’s the Princeton Advantage.  If those aren't enough, it’s the intangibles that make Princeton so special.  It’s the tremendous amount of Pride people have in our school that can’t really be explained.  It’s a common bond across our diverse communities.  Once a Viking, always a Viking.

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  I’ve developed a passion for helping children in Princeton City Schools reach their potential.  I became a Trustee to change lives.  If I can positively change the life of one child, I’ve been successful.


Cindy Halbauer Taylor - Gala Co-Chair
Class of '77

What do you think makes Princeton special?  Princeton's diversity is what I think makes it so special. You have the unique blending of many languages, cultures, income levels, talents and skill levels into a community where students thrive individually and in groups.

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  I wanted to be a Trustee so I can make a difference in the lives of students and in the community. My three siblings and I graduated from Princeton and I wanted to give back to the school system that taught me so much about citizenship and diversity.

Carmen Taylor-Daniels - Nominating Chair
Class of '82

What do you think makes Princeton special?  It is a district that brings six unique and diverse communities together for a common goal: to give the students the best learning opportunity available. Due to the staff members that are willing to go beyond their regular duties to ensure it happens, that is the result we achieve.

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  I became a Trustee to ensure that all kids in the Princeton District would be afforded access to all of the benefits available.

Dr. Shantel Thomas - Gala Co-Chair
Class of '87

What makes Princeton special?  The memories I have of Princeton are wonderful. We would meet at the corner of “Times Square or Hollywood and Vine”; these were the halls of Princeton. My athletic experiences are still great memories to this day. Princeton is special because it not only gave me a great academic experience but it also afforded me an excellent music and athletic experience. I loved being a “band buddy” and I had a great track career. I believe my love for reading, music and athletics today stem from my experience at Princeton. Hang on Sloopy and Another One Bites the Dust are still two of my favorite songs. I made friends from around the world and still have those friendships to this day. This, for me, is what makes Princeton special. Go Vikes!

Why did I wish to be a trustee?  I want to assist students in the District where I had an awesome experience. I would like for every student to be afforded the same academic, athletic and creative arts experience that I had at Princeton. I am a trustee to help impact student’s lives and to make sure that every resource is made available to our students. I plan to utilize my gifts and talents to help other Vikings fulfill their dreams and reach their destiny so they too can come back to Princeton and help others in the District do the same thing.


Bob Maine - Grants Chair

What do you think makes Princeton special?  A diverse environment where the kids don't even think about the differences........it is just a part of life.   It is the norm.   We don't need to go to extremes on diversity training........it is already a normal part of their life.  Princeton also offers a challenging academic environment that provides opportunities equivalent to or better than other schools for top performing students.  Princeton has a strong music/theater program with outstanding support from the community.   Not many schools can match the support that our music boosters provide to the students of Princeton (Private lesson Scholarships etc).

Princeton schools offer the children outstanding facilities - We now have state of the art facilities that are the benchmark for other schools in the region.   We will be a central hub for many many regional and state events.

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  In the current environment of funding cuts at both the state and local level, it is critical that the foundation "fill the gap" to insure continued support of outstanding student achievement.

Gary Croley
Class of '94

What do you think makes Princeton special?  There are many elements that go into making Princeton a special place. First, the diversity of people, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds all contribute to Princeton’s excellence. Also, Princeton is a place that thrives on providing opportunities for individuals to excel and become great.


Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  I’m focused on providing high quality programs and activities here at Princeton. I strive to use educational and athletic opportunities to become all things, to all students, in hope of saving some. The Education Foundation is a group that shares this vision as well.



Matt Weber
Class of '06

What do you think makes Princeton special?  The strength of Princeton lies within its people and the opportunities it provides for our students and communities.

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?  I accepted the position to become a Trustee to better serve the Princeton Community, and continue to build the Princeton Pride that makes our District great! This position allows me the opportunity to work with many outstanding individuals who share the same passion in making a difference for current and future Vikings. This experience allows me to contribute to strengthening our Alumni to expand upon Princeton Pride.


Mary Cleveland, School Board Liason

What do you think makes Princeton special?

Why did you wish to be a Trustee?