Award Nominations



The Princeton High School Distinguished Alumni have made a unique contribution in one of the following six categories: Arts/Humanities, Business/Industry, Community Service, Education, Public Service, Special Recognition.  A person should have received recognition on one or more of the following levels: International, National, Regional, and/or Local.  This recognition is a celebration of what the person has accomplished over time.  Only graduates of Princeton High School are eligible for this award.  This award can be given posthumously in the event the nominee has deceased.



The Distinguished Emeritus award is reserved for former staff and administrator of the District that have made a profound impact in the lives of our Vikings.  Traits exhibited by these outstanding staff & administrators reflect their character and morals as educators as well as a genuine compassion for their students as human beings.  This award can be given posthumously in the event the nominee has deceased.



The Friend of Princeton award is reserved for community and/or business partners that have gone above & beyond in their loyalty to and support of the Princeton City Schools.  This is our way to helping the District thank our incredible community for their unwavering and continued support.



A person who wishes to nominate a Distinguished Alumni, Distinguished Emeritus or Friend of Princeton shall complete and submit the nomination form, by CLICKING HERE.  In the event the applicant is deceased or unable to complete the application, a family member or representative may complete the application form.



The Distinguished Alumnus will be recognized at the awards banquet in November.  In addition, recognition will be displayed at Princeton High School and the recipient will also receive an award to keep at home.

Conditions of Eligibility

The Distinguished Alumnus Awards shall be open each year to any alumni who graduated from Princeton High School no less than 5 years prior to the nomination year.  Graduates should be of a high caliber, character & morals.  Nominees should truly reflect what Princeton stands for and these qualities guide their everyday lives.

It is preferred that the award be accepted in person.  If the alumnus or alumna are unable to attend the recognition event, family or other representatives can do this for them.

Nominees not chosen to receive the award will be placed back into the pool of candidates for a period lasting not longer than two years.  This does not insinuate the nominee will necessarily be chose later.

Selection Procedure

A Selection Committee shall receive and review all nominations and select award designees.  The committee may request additional, supportive documentation from a nominator.  Additional letters of recommendation are not required, but are recommended. 

The selection Committee reserves the right to remove a Distinguished Alumnus should any events unfold after receiving the award that are unbecoming of a Distinguished Alumnus.  

Individuals nominated for the Distinguished Alumni Award and not chosen will continue to be eligible for two (2) years following the initial nomination process without re-nomination.

No current Trustee of the Princeton Education Foundation, member of the Selection Committee or respective family members may be eligible for any award.