PEF Sponsors Talk About Ohio-529 Plans

February 2, 2020

Free Ohio-529 Savings Plan Information The PEF partnered with the Omega Financial Group in 2019 to help better serve the Foundation and the funds that we raise.  With that, they are providing free

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Gala 2020 Tickets Go On Sale

January 21, 2020

Princeton Pride Gala tickets are now on sale.   This long awaited, annual event is just around the corner.  Don't miss out on the fun, music, food & fund raising all to help keep the "Princeton Advantage"

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PEF Announces Social justice Scholarship on Dr King's Day

January 20, 2020

Athletic / Social Justice Scholarship to be Offered through the PEF The Princeton Education Foundation is extremely pleased to administer the "James E & Genia M Brock Sports & Social Justice Scholarship".

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Ed Choice is a Bad Choice

January 18, 2020

Princeton's Superintendent Tom Burton and members from the Princeton Board of Education recently joined other school officials from around the state of Ohio to stress the need to revise the state's Ed-Choice voucher

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Hellos & Goodbyes

January 6, 2020

The Foundation Welcomes New Trustees! As with any good organization, change is inevitable and the same goes for the PEF.  At the close of 2019, we will say goodbye (kind of) to some Trustees and welcome

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PEF's Alumni Assoc Hosts Annual Senior Breakfast

November 21, 2019

The Alumni Association of the PEF hosted it's annual Senior Breakfast on Thursday November 21, 2019.  It's just one more way we can support and show appreciation for our Seniors and future Vikings!

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